Financial Considerations


Entrance Fee: Residents of The Community at Pond Meadow pay an entrance fee based on the type of home they desire. The Entrance Fee entitles the resident to lifetime occupancy of the home.

The entrance fees at Pond Meadow compare favorably with similar communities in Massachusetts.

Residents maintain the option to leave Pond Meadow if they want to move to a new location, need a higher level of care, or for any other reason. The guaranteed 95% return on their entrance fee gives each resident of Pond Meadow the financial freedom to make such a move with ease and confidence.


Residents of The Community at Pond Meadow can enjoy worry free living as all interior and exterior maintenance services are handled by our maintenance staff or trusted partners. Residents are assessed a monthly maintenance fee to cover these costs.

Our focus is on preventative maintenance, so things are resolved before they become a problem. If a resident notices a maintenance item that needs attention a simple telephone call will make us aware and working towards a speedy solution.


If a resident should decide to leave Pond Meadow, for whatever reason, they can feel financially secure in knowing that they (or their estate) will receive 95% of their entrance fee returned.

The Community at Pond Meadow is a non-profit corporation that strives to keep expenses as low as possible and plan for a break even operating budget. Residents are kept aware of cost controls put in place and are encouraged to actively participate in the budgeting process. Budgeting occurs annually with residents receiving a minimum of 60 days notice if maintenance fees will change.

Residents can feel secure that the homes will be maintained beautifully for years to come as a portion of the maintenance fees are set aside for future capital projects.

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